Gem'Givveeon kennel - dobermann kennel located in Latvia, East Europe, where I strive for excellence in all facets of the Dobermann breed. Particular attention is given to Health, Temperament and Confirmation. Here Quality Breeding & Quality Care and dogs are the Highpoint of life. I have raised Dobermanns since 1995 and personally accomplished 63 champion titles. My breeding started in 2001 and I'm one of the major dobermann breeders in Baltic states. I believe breeding is truly an art form, which requires a deep passion, talent, focus, love and total commitment. The lines of dogs in kennel are based on the bloods of kennels - v.Neerlands Stam, v.Norden Stam, v.Franckenhorst, v.Roveline, Royal Bell, v.h.Wantij and etc.,which had distinguished the success by mixing up the basic bloodlines. My dogs live inside of house and have 3000 m2 area for walks with a river.They receive the best of what I can give them. And of course, they have all my love and care.

NUVAI NIKOL DISANT ROU - my proband female

Photo: Nuvai Nikol Disant Rou

I was invited to see a wonderful litter from Jivago v.h.Wantij and Gr.Unita v.Neerlands Stam, born February 24, 1998. There were 3 male and 4 bitches. I did not take a puppy at that moment, but in 2,5 months I saw a bitch that the breeder left for herself and was impressed with her grandeur and beauty. And of course, I offered the breeder to sell this bitch to me. Next day I came to Mrs.Kulina with hope but still did not know her decision.After a long talk with tea-drinking I returned home with the little Nuvai-Nikol Disant Rou.I cannot understand why Mrs.Kulina had decided to sell the dog to me,but it was a really good luck that Nika came to my family.This puppy grew into a wonderful and charming dog with beautiful long head,dark eye,exellent angulations and fantastic expression.Nika gladdened me many times with her winnings at shows.

Photo: Gr.Unita v.Neerlands Stam

Her mother Gr.Unita v.Neerlands Stam was very importartant for breeding in Latvia by bloodlines in her pedigree and I am happy to have Unita’s daughter. Of course,Nika was a very successful show dog and in 2000 she was Top Dobermann Female by raiting of Latvian Dobermann Club. All our travels on dog shows in other countries were very successful! Also,very quikly she passed national trainings and the breeding test. And I can say that she was a very caring mother and she gave us wonderful puppies. She died August 26, 2005 in our garden later evening. But I had her wonderful daugther -Gem'Givveeon Lambada. Lambada doing very nice on the shows and very fast finished all her championships. She was really exallent daugter of our Nika, very strong with excellent head, very dark eyes, strong bones and fantastic movements. She carries the same type as her mother but much more stronger.


My kennel is small, I have't any special kennel building and puppies placed in our house near us, like home kennel. I take care to try to select the right owners for each puppy and try to remain in constant contact with them. I enjoy their successes even more than if I owned these puppies for myself. I insist the new owners stay in touch with me. Now it's easy with e-mail. I want pictures and progress reports. I want to know about anything that may go wrong or that will be something I can help with, BEFORE it becomes a problem.I do keep lines of communication open so owners can ask my advice and I'm more than happy to give it.

I'm very honest with any new future owner who answers ALL my questions and sounds very good. We then continue communicating before and while the pups are growing up.If I have any my famous gut feelings we simply don't proceed. So BEFORE you blame me for not allowing my puppy to be placed with you, stop and think about the reasons WHY. If you get to know me over many months or maybe a couple years and if you have done your homework and managed to gain my trust plus if you can afford to raise and train a good puppy and you are, above all, a TRUSTWORTHY friend who will listen to the my advices, I'm sure you'll end up with a our puppy that will be a Star for you.:o)


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